Can You Renovate Your Way Up from an Entry Level Property?

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Opportunity can be found if you look hard enough – and that’s a saying that’s rung true especially despite the global pandemic. With low interest rates exciting plenty of first time home owners across Australia, you might be among the select few who’ve wondered how you could renovate and turn your first home in Rockhampton into a tidy profit some years down the road. Even if you’ve bought your first property with the mindset of making it your ‘forever home’, who could say no to being able to enjoy a higher valuation on their property in the near future? 

Whichever side of this discussion you find yourself on, know that you’re not alone in pondering the possibility of renovating your way up the property market. While most entry level homes south of the Fitzroy River tend to hit the $200,000 mark, there’s no denying how a clever touch up or two can distinctively improve the valuation of your home. Of course this would make perfect sense: people are always willing to pay more for a unique home with features that appeal to them most. 

Getting Started: What to Look For and How Not to Overdo It

Before you spend hours browsing YouTube videos for home makeover inspiration, let’s begin by keeping things simple. It’s best not to get too carried away at the start, when deciding which areas of your home you could patch up or renovate. In this article, I’ll share a few recommendations that definitely help add appeal to your property. But before we get into those details, consider taking your time with these home improvements and committing to areas that genuinely feel like they could use an upgrade.

Don’t go overboard and fit a crystal chandelier where it doesn’t belong! It’s often the most sensible home improvements that will go a long way towards improving the next valuation of your property. Chances are that there might have been a spot or two in the yard, or hallway that you initially noticed before purchasing your home. The truth is, other potential buyers will take notice of these blemishes or imperfections as well. And real estate agents will most definitely be considering these factors when evaluating your home. If it isn’t broken, don’t try to fix it – but if it’s worn and needs a change, then start with the more sensible areas when working to improve or renovate your home.

The Yard Space and Front Lawn Should Always Deserve Your Attention

Stand out and face the front facade of your home. Or sit out back in your yard, and what do you envision? Sometimes, it’s best to let your imagination create an ideal sense of how things ‘should be’. Don’t forget that plenty of would-be homeowners will do just the same, when they first attend a viewing and try to picture the rest of their lives taking place in a potential home. If the decking out the back yard leaves much to be desired, or if those hedges simply add clutter by hiding away your front lawn, these could be important areas for you to start with in order to bring out the best possible valuation for your home.

Kitchens and Bathrooms Should Definitely Be On Your List

Like patchy backyard patios and unkempt front lawns, it’s a safe bet that every property valuation will take the state of your bathrooms and kitchen into consideration. After all, these areas will see the most foot traffic by members of your household and guests. So why shouldn’t they deserve a fair amount of scrutiny during a valuation? Two key points I’d have to recommend are: 

  • Light-filled spaciousness for the bathrooms, and
  • Smart functionality for your kitchen spaces.

Dim, cluttered-feeling bathroom spaces simply give off a poor vibe. It may not cost that much to fit your bathroom with a new window, to give it the natural lighting and airy-ness it deserves. Similarly, clutter in the kitchen, or counter-intuitive and cramped spaces will put off any visitor. Look into how you could maximise the flow of productivity throughout your kitchen areas.

Consider a Kitchen Bench Upgrade for Instant ‘Wow’ Factor

There’s a high chance that your kitchen and dining areas would be visible from the entrance of your entry-level home. Have you considered how a clever upgrade to your kitchen could build that ‘wow’ factor that guests receive when they first enter your property? An engineered stone bench, or kitchen island bench could factor in very well, if you’re looking to make such an impression. Additionally, this improvement tends to be valued for its durability, and how it contributes to the overall functionality of your kitchen and dining spaces.

Consult with Me if You’re Thinking About Upgrading Before Selling!

No matter which area of your home you’re thinking could do with a renovate, remember to keep it sensible and intuitive. Chances are, if you feel like there’s a part of your home that could do with a touch up, then it’s highly likely that potential buyers would feel the same.

If you’re wondering what’s the value of your home is or ever need a second pair of eyes to help you decide how to best position your home for a sale, I’m always happy to provide a consultation.

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Article by Melinda Kirby

Melinda Kirby is a confident and motivated Sales Consultant at Ray White Rockhampton who understands the importance of strong relationships in achieving exceptional results.

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